Reissues & Bandcamp bits

The current lockdown has given me the opportunity not only to work on some new music and record some mixes, but also to sift through my archive of tunes. I quietly set up a Bandcamp page last year to make some of my old music available, and over the past few weeks I’ve added a couple of EPs worth of unreleased tracks. I’ve also had a couple of things out on vinyl over the past few months – so here’s a quick summary of recent activity:

Unreleased Bits 2008​-​14 (digital only)

Some unreleased music made in Glasgow: I Lose, Sidetracked and Glen Fruin were recorded in a shared studio space in the southside around 2013-14; New Day was recorded at home a few years earlier. An alternative mix of Sidetracked was released on 2Sox, as part of the OddSox Vol. 1 EP in 2016 – the version here is the original. These are free/pay what you want and available on Bandcamp only for the moment..

Bedroom Tracks 1996-99 (digital only)

This is a selection of some of my earliest tracks, recorded at home in Cardiff in the late 90s. I did have a fair few more things from this era on various cassettes and DATs but most of them have been lost over the years, unfortunately. They’re pretty rough and ready (two were recorded direct to cassette) but they evoke a bit of nostalgia for me, if no one else! Also free/pay what you want on Bandcamp.

Loss Leader (12″ + digital)

This is a previously unreleased track, recorded back in 2008, shown the light of day by the excellent Australian label A Colourful Storm as part of a split 12″ with Recept. The vinyl is still available in good record shops worldwide or direct from Bandcamp; it’s also streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Spaces / Leisure (12″ only)

A 2002 EP originally released on my own Headspace Recordings label, with a track each by myself and Dennis DeSantis, plus remixes of each other. This was reissued in February this year by Mint Condition, part of the Above Board Distribution stable. The vinyl is still available in good record shops worldwide, with a digital release hopefully to follow at some point.

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