18 for 2018, #1: Turner Street Sound – Bunsens Vol. 1

Welcome back to Nothin’ But Magic; it’s been a while. For various reasons I haven’t been writing much for the past couple of years, but a particularly energising few weeks on the music front - releasing a new record, throwing some parties and doing some radio - have inspired me to blow the dust off… Continue reading 18 for 2018, #1: Turner Street Sound – Bunsens Vol. 1

Five amazing drum & bass records

Although this blog is primarily about house and techno, I can’t deny the impact of drum & bass on my musical development. When I started DJing in Cardiff in the mid-90s, I was buying Photek and Reinforced twelves alongside Warp and UR records, and when I made pilgrimages to London I visited Metalheadz at the… Continue reading Five amazing drum & bass records