Deep house mix from ’96

Here's a wee Christmas present for y'all - rescued from the original cassette... Strange Attractor - Golden Gate (Phono) PWOG - SA Track 1 (KK) Point Blank - Rog [Herbert mix] (Phono) CVO - Bonus (Balance) Shazz & St German - Muse Q The Music (F Comm) Yennek - Without (Art Of Dance) Abacus… Continue reading Deep house mix from ’96

Move D – 77 Sunset Strip

It may have arrived on the wave of ‘home listening’ techno that Warp launched with their Artificial Intelligence series, but David Moufang’s seminal 1995 album, Kunststoff, has a sound all of its own - one which owes as much to the house rhythms and jazz-infused chords of Larry Heard (there’s even a track called Tribute… Continue reading Move D – 77 Sunset Strip

Five amazing drum & bass records

Although this blog is primarily about house and techno, I can’t deny the impact of drum & bass on my musical development. When I started DJing in Cardiff in the mid-90s, I was buying Photek and Reinforced twelves alongside Warp and UR records, and when I made pilgrimages to London I visited Metalheadz at the… Continue reading Five amazing drum & bass records