Last Session – Sometimes I Feel Like

This blog's been a bit techno-heavy when I've managed to write anything over the last year or so, so here's a choice slice of house - from the mid-90s Chicago dream team of Ron Trent, Chez Damier and Alton Miller - to redress the balance. Featured on 1995's Collected Sounds of Prescription compilation, it was… Continue reading Last Session – Sometimes I Feel Like

Deep house mix from ’96

Here's a wee Christmas present for y'all - rescued from the original cassette... Strange Attractor - Golden Gate (Phono) PWOG - SA Track 1 (KK) Point Blank - Rog [Herbert mix] (Phono) CVO - Bonus (Balance) Shazz & St German - Muse Q The Music (F Comm) Yennek - Without (Art Of Dance) Abacus… Continue reading Deep house mix from ’96

African Blues – Word Sound Power

In honour of Ron Trent, who hits La Cheetah in Glasgow this Friday for a five-hour set, here’s a personal favourite from his sprawling back catalogue. Released in 1998 on Clairaudience, this collaboration with Anthony Nicholson manages to stay just the right side of the bongo-heavy noodling that can mar a lot of his post-Prescription… Continue reading African Blues – Word Sound Power

Circulation – Memory

Top-drawer house from San Francisco's Joshua on Prescription's Balance offshoot in 1996. There's a rawness and intensity to this cut that really set it apart from a lot of mid-90s deep stuff: the huge buzzing synths feed back into giant walls of echo; the tough, stripped-back beats are punctuated with bold 16th-note kick drum fills;… Continue reading Circulation – Memory

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – SA Track 1 which the mysterious Dutch techno collective take an unexpected detour into deep house with a track that would have been right at home on Prescription. I'm a total sucker for those syncopated polysynth chords that were Ron Trent and Chez Damier's mid-90s trademark (used to arguably their greatest effect in The Choice, which deserves… Continue reading Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – SA Track 1

Abacus – Relics

Here’s a straight-up classic from the vaults to kick things off. Released on Prescription in 1994, the debut from Austin ‘Abacus’ Bascom  is a masterclass in using a limited palette to the very fullest. There’s little here beyond some sparse 808 and 727 drums, a couple of synths and a delay unit, but anyone who’s… Continue reading Abacus – Relics