69 – Microlovr

Nothing obscure or hard-to-find about this, just a stone-cold classic from Carl Craig’s golden period. No disrespect to one of the all-time greats - and for a long time I’d have put Craig among my top three producers - but it’s kinda hard to square today’s peddler of pedestrian tech-house with the creative genius behind… Continue reading 69 – Microlovr

Oniero – Experimental

The sixth and final release on Derrick Carter’s consistently ace Blue Cucaracha imprint (I’ve already written about the penultimate EP from Joshua) is one of the underrated gems in his sizeable back catalogue. It dates from 1995, the same year he launched the Classic label with Luke Solomon, and the period when he was fast… Continue reading Oniero – Experimental

Aroy Dee – The Planets

An epic slice of widescreen sci-fi techno from Dutch DJ, producer, architect and all-round dude Steven Brunsmann, first released on Newworldaquarium’s NWAQ label back in 2003 and revisited a few years later.There's been a huge amount of brilliant music from Amsterdam's Aroy Dee/M>O>S/NWAQ/Delsin camp over the past 15 years or so, but this is one of… Continue reading Aroy Dee – The Planets