69 – Microlovr

Nothing obscure or hard-to-find about this, just a stone-cold classic from Carl Craig’s golden period. No disrespect to one of the all-time greats – and for a long time I’d have put Craig among my top three producers – but it’s kinda hard to square today’s peddler of pedestrian tech-house with the creative genius behind EPs like 4 Jazz Funk Classics, Lite Music and Sound On Sound, not to mention tracks like Elements, Crackdown, From Beyond, Neurotic Behaviour, No More Words, At Les, Oscillator, Throw, The Climax… so many astonishing, memorable, life-changing records.

Microlovr, from 1994’s every-track-a-belter Lite Music EP, is a strong contender for my pick of the bunch, though – the haze of glitchy percussion and atonal effects, the raw synths, but most of all that melancholy melody/pad – if any techno record has come closer to invoking the feeling of sitting in the rain with a broken heart, I’ve yet to hear it.


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