Daniel Wang – Loose Vibes

Back on the blog after slacking off for a few weeks, and today we go from one of Jeff Mills’ most celebrated EPs to a little-known inside cut on a 1995 Daniel Wang 12”. The whole six-track Aphroasiatechnubian EP - the second proper release on his Balihu label - is pretty amazing, but Loose Vibes… Continue reading Daniel Wang – Loose Vibes

Fusion – Never Forget It

A cheeky brown 10" from Russ Gabriel on Planet E from 1996 - a period when pretty much everything Carl Craig's label released was utterly essential. Russ had already built up a name for himself through his own Ferox label, and his killer Alligator Voodoo 12" came out on Soma around this time too, but… Continue reading Fusion – Never Forget It