Convextion – Premiata

Gerard Hanson’s Convextion project is arguably most famous for the pair of mid-90s 12″s on Matrix that still fetch silly money on the Discogs market, but for my money his finest work has appeared elsewhere. A case in point is this cut from his self-titled 2006 album on Down Low, a timeless slice of techno with, to my ears, a heavy German and Dutch influence alongside the usual Detroit reference points.

A looping, motorik groove sets the scene before some moody strings make an appearance around the 1:45 mark, and soon we’re lost in a world of spiralling synth lines and vapour-trail melodies. Trance-like in the best possible way, it’s music that works as well for late-night driving as it does for heads-down raving, and it has an otherworldly rawness that’s only found in the very best techno.

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