Some recent mixes

I’m notoriously slow when it comes to recording DJ mixes, but over the past few months I’ve been unusually productive by my usual standards. Aside from the Drum & Space Redux mix that I posted at the weekend, here’s what else is available now:

Origin Podcast

These guys from Slovenia reached out after hearing my Golden Era Techno mixes (see below) to ask if I could do something along the same lines for a new podcast series they were starting. So here’s another hour of classics from the mid-90s, starting with Stasis, B12, The Black Dog and The 4th Wave before hopping the Atlantic with early cuts from Dan Curtin, John Beltran, Never On Sunday (aka Octave One), Pod (aka Kenny Larkin) and Bango (aka Stacey Pullen), and finishing with a beauty from Florence (aka Stefan Robbers) and a beatless version of Mood by Symbols & Instruments.

Spillway Podcast

A guest mix for this deep techno crew who have quietly been putting out some excellent vintage-style techno 12″s and a series of similarly-themed podcasts. I selected some recent-ish techno and electro from the likes of Dan Curtin, Convextion, Reedale Rise and Booshank, with a couple of 90s classics from Insync vs Mysteron and Dave Angel.

Clyde Built Radio

This is a recording of a live stream I did from home on 21 March 2020, as the UK went into lockdown, for this Glasgow-based online radio station which has been showcasing new and established talent from all over the city. I dug out some old and new techno and electro from the likes of Balil, Millsart, Carl Finlow, Model 500 and Nexus 21. (Apologies for the hideous close-up of my face in the thumbnail.)

Golden Era Techno, volumes 1-3

I posted about the first volume of this when I put it on Mixcloud back in December, but I went on to record two more volumes and I’ve since put them on Soundcloud too, for anyone who prefers that platform – embedded below. All three mixes spotlight some of my favourite mid-90s Detroit-influenced UK techno – think Black Dog, B12, Stasis, As One, Nuron, Reload and Luke Slater – with a smattering of US tracks. They are also available via Mixcloud.

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