Psyche – Neurotic Behaviour (Mayday Reproduction Mix)

One to file alongside the OTT flanger mayhem of Rhythim Is Rhythim’s Kaos: no one manipulates loops with quite so much demented energy as Derrick May on these kind of tracks. Aside from some subdued chords that creep into the mix during the last third, this is just an enormous synth hook and classic Mayday drums tweaked, flanged, phased, filtered and EQed to within an inch of their life. Carl Craig’s original beatless version of this is far better known, appearing on ART 3 and the classic Psyche/BFC Elements comp on Planet E, but the sheer dancefloor-slaying power of Derrick’s mix – from the total classic 1990 Psyche EP on Transmat – can’t be denied.

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