Kuniyuki – Precious Hall

Here’s some deeper-than-deep house vibes from Japan for a rainy Saturday afternoon. It’s on Joe Claussell’s Natural Resource label, an offshoot of Spiritual Life, but it’s pretty edgy and abstract compared to some of its more wishy-washy contemporaries. Tough, super-punchy drums and live percussion underpin an ever-mutating orgy of synths and sound effects, floating in a sea of echo.

I remember hearing this blasting over the awesome in-shop sound system in Vinyl Junkies (RIP) in Soho back in 2002 and being instantly blown away. Dedicated to Sapporo’s Precious Hall club, which was said to have the best sound system in the world, it’s a beautifully engineered record that’s built for a big, high-end system – and it certainly sounded amazing when Floating Points dropped it at Melting Pot in Glasgow last year.


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