Inertia – Nowhere To Run

For all that A Guy Called Gerald is rightly celebrated as a drum & bass pioneer (and for the timeless Voodoo Ray, obviously), it’s often overlooked that he made a handful of excellent underground house and techno cuts early in his career. His first link with Detroit came in 1989 in the form of Derrick May and Carl Craig’s Mayday mix of FX, and a year later he delivered this brilliant track for trainspotters’ favourite Retroactive. Damon Booker’s label released some of the most sought-after early work by the likes of Carl Craig, UR, MK and John Beltran, and Gerald certainly holds his own in such illustrious company – the dreamy strings and cycling bassline are right out of the vintage C2 textbook, and there’s a hint of early Nu Groove in the beats. Compared to the other Retroactive releases (many of which have been reissued elsewhere umpteen times) it’s relatively affordable on the second-hand market, too.

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