Luke Slater’s 7th Plain – Time Melts

Here’s another prime cut from the post-Artificial Intelligence glory days of British techno. Luke Slater could be a bit hit and miss – for every great track there seemed to be plenty of banging rubbish – but when he nailed it he was right up there for me. The majestic opening track of his 1994 album for GPR, The 4 Cornered Room, is still a major goosebump-inducer, with layer upon layer of pulsing synths, dense strings, chirping sequences and deep, warm bass, and the use of a major key (a real rarity in techno and house) gives it a unique kind of optimistic melancholy. The music has certainly dated better than the sleeve, anyway…

NB: Delsin re-released the equally awesome Lost from the same album last year, and there’s plenty more good stuff on sister album My Yellow Wise Rug to get your teeth into too.


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