Sunday Selections X

Three years ago I started a series to showcase some of my favourite jazz, soul, hip hop and downtempo records, with a smattering of ambient electronics and deep techno. I hesitate to call them DJ mixes, as there wasn’t much in the way of beat-mixing, but they were carefully programmed and designed to reflect what I liked to listen to in more contemplative moments. I managed nine of them, all compiled and arranged from digital files.

Well, last week I finally revived the series, this time raiding my vinyl collection, and added a tenth instalment to Mixcloud. I’m hoping to record a couple more along these lines in 2019. In the meantime you can play volume 10 here. The tracklisting is below, and all the previous editions are available here.

  • Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Peace Go With You, Brother (As-Salaam-Alaikum)
  • Air – Mr Man
  • Jon Lucien – Lady Love
  • The Lloyd McNeill Quartet – 2504 Cliffbourne Pl.
  • Grover Washington Jr – A Secret Place
  • The Awakening – Slinky
  • Weldon Irvine – Walk That Walk; Talk That Talk
  • Shamek Farrah – First Impressions
  • Phil Ranelin – Vibes From The Tribe
  • Marasma – On Time

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