18 for 2018, #13: WINO-D

This week I managed to snag one of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-em represses of this phenomenal 12” after being too slow on the draw when it first emerged back in February and instantly sold out – although I probably would have ended up forking out top dollar for it on Discogs eventually.

There’s a unique sound world here, with acoustic percussion, strange tunings and disorientating effects, but however weird things get there’s a propulsive groove – particularly on the A2 and B1 tracks – that keeps everything on track. It sometimes brings to mind the likes of Burnt Friedman, or some of ex-Basic Channel genius Mark Ernestus’s recent projects, but it’s really in its own space. There’s no info on the record, and I know next to nothing about this Irish label/crew, but I’m quite happy to be in the dark when the music’s this good.

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