Needs present Laurentius – Reminiscence

Let’s go back to 2002 for a superb slab of premier league deep house from Lars Bartkuhn for Anthony Nicholson’s Clairaudience label.

By the time this was released the Frankfurt producer had already been making waves with the Needs crew, honing a brand of sumptuously produced and lavishly musical house that could go toe to toe with any of the US producers who inspired him. And on this cut, stretching out over nine glorious minutes, he goes the full late-period Ron Trent, building intricate, Brazilian-influenced drums under an anthemic piano chord sequence and going to town with percussion, effects, organs and synths.

There’s a touch of melancholy to the chords, with a properly jazz-influenced harmonic structure –  there are no run-of-the-mill minor sevenths here – and while it certainly noodles a bit, it still bangs. Proper big-system business. And it’s good to see Lars is still coming up with the goods, with a cracking EP on Neroli released at the tail end of last year.

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