Azymuth – Jazz Carnival [Global Communication Space Jazz mix]

This may not be one of Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton’s most famous Global Communication cuts, but to me it’s the pinnacle of their forays into house and a massively influential record. For starters it’s an absolute masterclass in beat production, with an authentic crunch that easily holds its own with the likes of Mood II Swing or Masters at Work. And once the bass drops it’s game over – the groove just rolls and rolls while all sorts of sonic magic drifts around up top for ten glorious minutes.

The bassline’s not a million miles away from Chez and Trent’s Morning Factory, and the spaced-out pads probably owe it a debt too, but the drums give it an elegant, hypnotic energy all of its own and it still gives me a thrill nearly 18 years after it came out. All the best music transports you to another place, and as cheesy as it might sound, this really does make me feel like dancing in zero gravity.


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