Millsart – Gamma Player

There are few techno 12”s as well-balanced and all-round essential as Jeff Mills’s 1995 Humana EP , which features an ambient intro, a locked groove, a beatless soundscape, a pummelling minimal workout and a beautiful downbeat piece, plus this timeless piece of Detroit machine soul.

Coming hot on the heels of the game-changing dancefloor killers of the original Purpose Maker EP, Humana ploughs a more introspective, conceptual furrow, with carefully considered ‘rhythmatic formations’ and ‘degrees of light’, according to the typically obscure centre label text.

The end result in Gamma Player is a five-minute masterclass in restraint, groove and emotional punch, as various elements weave in and out of the foreground above a steady 909 and sub-bass groove. Mills may have spawned more imitators than any other techno producer, but none of them has ever got close to nailing the vibe he channels here.

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