Autechre – Basscadet (Tazmx)

I’m one of the old farts who finds most of Autechre’s recent stuff a baffling jumble of noise and maths, but they produced some of my all-time favourite records back in the days when they still wrote beats you could nod your head to. This is taken from the triple-10” box set of Basscadet remixes originally released in 1994 and it still shits all over 99% of the beats/instrumental hip hop stuff released today. Like a robot assembling itself, the groove gradually builds from fragments of distorted, metallic clanks and sampled breaks, with an earworming synth hook burbling away. By the time the soaring strings appear you’re totally locked in, and the elements twist and turn cleverly over seven gloriously melancholy minutes. File alongside the equally dope Lowride from Incunabula.

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