Microman – Design-Shop-House

From Moodymann to Microman, and a pretty obscure, beautifully strange and strangely beautiful Swedish record from 1999. The slightly lo-fi YouTube clip below contains both tracks from side A, but the whole EP is excellent. Warm, understated deep house is the order of the day, and while you can hear influences ranging from Larry Heard to Black Dog Productions, it’s got a pace and vibe all of its own. It’s one of those records that I’ve got no recollection of buying, and it doesn’t really sit with anything else in my collection, but I seem to stumble across it every few years and it always impresses anew. I must admit that Microman is a producer I know next to nothing about, and this is the only record of his that I own – but I see from Discogs that he’s got a pretty extensive discography so there’s plenty more digging to be done.

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