Future Sound Of London – Calcium

I was reminded of this vintage cracker via one of my all-time favourite DJs, Dave Siska over at the mighty Sonic Sunset, who used it on his most recent mix to devastating effect. From their 1991 full-length Accelerator – an album that was no stranger to my teenage Walkman – it’s dated surprisingly well compared to a lot of other Brit stuff from that era. They might be best remembered for crossover hits like Papua New Guinea and Stakker Humanoid (before they travelled increasingly up their ISDN-enabled psychedelic backsides), but FSOL’s debut features some cracking deep, melodic and moody techno, and Calcium manages the rare feat of making breakbeats, gated vocal samples and rave pianos sound melancholy and yearning rather than uplifting and cheesy. The huge analogue melody that kicks in at 1.56 is a proper goosebump-inducer at the right moment – see the aforementioned Sonic Sunset mix for proof…

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