Stasis – Artifax

Picking a highlight from the Likemind catalogue isn’t easy. The short-lived label released just four EPs from 1993-95 – featuring Stasis, B12, Andy Turner (of Plaid/Black Dog fame), Kirk Degiorgio and Nuron – but virtually every track is a masterpiece from a time when all the key players in British deep techno were at the peak of their powers. Today I’ve gone for this Stasis cut from the first EP, which embodies everything great about the era for me: layer upon layer of heart-tugging strings and melody, classic Motor City drums and a touch of acid. I’ll talk about some of the other label highlights in future posts, but for now just treat yourself to an eight-minute break, grab a tea/beer/joint as appropriate, sit back, turn it up and let this bad boy wash over you – guaranteed to improve your day.

EDIT: right on cue, CiM points out that this is about to get a reissue.

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