The Detroit Escalator Co – Gratiot

Here's some Sunday loveliness from one of the most beautiful records ever to come out of the Motor City. The Soundtrack (313) album appeared out of the blue on Russ Gabriel's Ferox label in 1996 (many of the tracks also feature on Peacefrog's Excerpts collection a few years later) and it was a real breath… Continue reading The Detroit Escalator Co – Gratiot

African Blues – Word Sound Power

In honour of Ron Trent, who hits La Cheetah in Glasgow this Friday for a five-hour set, here’s a personal favourite from his sprawling back catalogue. Released in 1998 on Clairaudience, this collaboration with Anthony Nicholson manages to stay just the right side of the bongo-heavy noodling that can mar a lot of his post-Prescription… Continue reading African Blues – Word Sound Power

Future Sound Of London – Calcium

I was reminded of this vintage cracker via one of my all-time favourite DJs, Dave Siska over at the mighty Sonic Sunset, who used it on his most recent mix to devastating effect. From their 1991 full-length Accelerator - an album that was no stranger to my teenage Walkman - it's dated surprisingly well compared… Continue reading Future Sound Of London – Calcium

Circulation – Memory

Top-drawer house from San Francisco's Joshua on Prescription's Balance offshoot in 1996. There's a rawness and intensity to this cut that really set it apart from a lot of mid-90s deep stuff: the huge buzzing synths feed back into giant walls of echo; the tough, stripped-back beats are punctuated with bold 16th-note kick drum fills;… Continue reading Circulation – Memory

Stasis – Artifax

Picking a highlight from the Likemind catalogue isn't easy. The short-lived label released just four EPs from 1993-95 - featuring Stasis, B12, Andy Turner (of Plaid/Black Dog fame), Kirk Degiorgio and Nuron - but virtually every track is a masterpiece from a time when all the key players in British deep techno were at the peak… Continue reading Stasis – Artifax

Glenn Underground – SJU

Big Glenn churned out dozens of killers in the mid-90s but saved some of the best for his pair of GU Essentials EPs for Cajual. This cut from the first volume in 1995 is a standout, with synthlines weaving around each other on top of gorgeous chords, underpinned by a weighty bassline and slamming drums.… Continue reading Glenn Underground – SJU

Fusion – Never Forget It

A cheeky brown 10" from Russ Gabriel on Planet E from 1996 - a period when pretty much everything Carl Craig's label released was utterly essential. Russ had already built up a name for himself through his own Ferox label, and his killer Alligator Voodoo 12" came out on Soma around this time too, but… Continue reading Fusion – Never Forget It

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – SA Track 1 which the mysterious Dutch techno collective take an unexpected detour into deep house with a track that would have been right at home on Prescription. I'm a total sucker for those syncopated polysynth chords that were Ron Trent and Chez Damier's mid-90s trademark (used to arguably their greatest effect in The Choice, which deserves… Continue reading Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia – SA Track 1

Pub – Film (Springing Daisy’s mix)

East Kilbride's finest is one of the most underrated electronic producers around, and this 2001 release on his own Ampoule label is right up there with the best of the the 00s for me. While it owes a significant debt to the dub techno of Berlin, it's head and shoulders above the legions of Basic… Continue reading Pub – Film (Springing Daisy’s mix)