Luke Slater’s 7th Plain – Time Melts

Here’s another prime cut from the post-Artificial Intelligence glory days of British techno. Luke Slater could be a bit hit and miss – for every great track there seemed to be plenty of banging rubbish – but when he nailed it he was right up there for me. The majestic opening track of his 1994… Continue reading Luke Slater’s 7th Plain – Time Melts

Future Sound Of London – Calcium

I was reminded of this vintage cracker via one of my all-time favourite DJs, Dave Siska over at the mighty Sonic Sunset, who used it on his most recent mix to devastating effect. From their 1991 full-length Accelerator - an album that was no stranger to my teenage Walkman - it's dated surprisingly well compared… Continue reading Future Sound Of London – Calcium

Stasis – Artifax

Picking a highlight from the Likemind catalogue isn't easy. The short-lived label released just four EPs from 1993-95 - featuring Stasis, B12, Andy Turner (of Plaid/Black Dog fame), Kirk Degiorgio and Nuron - but virtually every track is a masterpiece from a time when all the key players in British deep techno were at the peak… Continue reading Stasis – Artifax