KB Project – Nothing Can Stop You

This is Dan ‘DBX’ Bell on his own rare-as-hen’s-teeth Elevate label back in 1999, with a precision-engineered DJ tool in the vein of Masters At Work’s Kenlou output. There’s nothing to it beyond a jazz-funk Rhodes lick that’s cut up, filtered and looped, a spoken word sample that gives the track its title, and simple,… Continue reading KB Project – Nothing Can Stop You

Moodymann – JAN

This sprawling, 11-minute epic from 2001 is one of the last truly great Kenny Dixon Jr productions, for my money. A low-down, insistent bassline and a 4/4 kick power the sparse first section along underneath an eerie tapestry of choirs, Rhodes and strings, interspersed with cool-as-fuck samples (one of which gives this blog its name) of… Continue reading Moodymann – JAN

The Detroit Escalator Co – Gratiot

Here's some Sunday loveliness from one of the most beautiful records ever to come out of the Motor City. The Soundtrack (313) album appeared out of the blue on Russ Gabriel's Ferox label in 1996 (many of the tracks also feature on Peacefrog's Excerpts collection a few years later) and it was a real breath… Continue reading The Detroit Escalator Co – Gratiot