Ian o’Brien – Natural Knowledge

As Ian’s now got a load of new and old stuff available to buy on Bandcamp, I thought I’d pick out a personal fave from his awesome back catalogue. From 1999’s Gigantic Days album on Peacefrog, this is simply one of the most life-affirming, joyous pieces of electronic music I’ve ever heard. Using an ingenious flip… Continue reading Ian o’Brien – Natural Knowledge

Psyche – Neurotic Behaviour (Mayday Reproduction Mix)

One to file alongside the OTT flanger mayhem of Rhythim Is Rhythim’s Kaos: no one manipulates loops with quite so much demented energy as Derrick May on these kind of tracks. Aside from some subdued chords that creep into the mix during the last third, this is just an enormous synth hook and classic Mayday… Continue reading Psyche – Neurotic Behaviour (Mayday Reproduction Mix)

Kuniyuki – Precious Hall

Here’s some deeper-than-deep house vibes from Japan for a rainy Saturday afternoon. It’s on Joe Claussell’s Natural Resource label, an offshoot of Spiritual Life, but it’s pretty edgy and abstract compared to some of its more wishy-washy contemporaries. Tough, super-punchy drums and live percussion underpin an ever-mutating orgy of synths and sound effects, floating in… Continue reading Kuniyuki – Precious Hall