18 for 2018, #2: Joy O

Joy O ‎– 81b EP (Hinge Finger). Here’s a producer who hasn’t been all that prolific recently but has clearly been hard at work honing his craft to perfection. This six-tracker covers various stylistic bases, fusing London bass music influences with hi-tech sound design and an almost IDM feel in places. These are not obvious… Continue reading 18 for 2018, #2: Joy O

18 for 2018, #1: Turner Street Sound

Welcome back to Nothin’ But Magic; it’s been a while. For various reasons I haven’t been writing much for the past couple of years, but a particularly energising few weeks on the music front - releasing a new record, throwing some parties and doing some radio - have inspired me to blow the dust off… Continue reading 18 for 2018, #1: Turner Street Sound

Pub – Film (Springing Daisy’s mix)

East Kilbride's finest is one of the most underrated electronic producers around, and this 2001 release on his own Ampoule label is right up there with the best of the the 00s for me. While it owes a significant debt to the dub techno of Berlin, it's head and shoulders above the legions of Basic… Continue reading Pub – Film (Springing Daisy’s mix)